Our areal in 89520 Heidenheim/Schnaitheim

LUDWIG was founded in 1961 by Günter Ludwig.
In the beginning the main activity was steel working and locksmith's work,
but soon there formed production main points as pressure vessels, caseless penstocks for
waste water treatment and all kind of special machines.

Up to now the company is still in family possession and is controlled by
Winfried Ludwig, the son of Günter Ludwig.

After the old production hall soon was too small, Winfried Ludwig moved in 199
1 in a new one with about 2000 m² production place (52x41). The whole area is about 5000 m².

As a result of new and modern equipment, vessel weights up to 15 tons
and diameters up to 3500 mm are our daily work.

About 25 workers and employees take care that your inquiries and orders are carried
out immedietely.

Quality assurence is one of our main efforts. A quality management system according
DIN ISO 9001 is already under construction.

You can get calculation, engineering, construction and official TÜV-reports from one hand.
But we will also like to build according your drawings and constructions.